Asterion’s Environmental, Social and Governance approach is central to our business model and fully integrated in both our investment process and in our own culture

Our sustainable investment approach


Infrastructure assets, businesses and projects provide a public good as well as having an important and direct impact on economic growth, society, suppliers, customers, employees and environment in the communities in which they operate. Our ESG policy covers the full life cycle of our investment process as well as being applied to the firm and the local communities where we operate.


Within the investment process, ESG is incorporated within the due diligence to identify risks and opportunities as well as ensuring our portfolio companies meet our ESG standards. We aim to partner with our portfolio companies to address ESG risks and opportunities in each case, and also seek appropriate disclosure and reporting on these issues.

sustainable investment
sustainable culture

Our strong culture based on sustainability


We strive to be a firm which has sustainability enshrined in its culture. Asterion has more than 50% of female employees and seven nationalities across the company. The diversity of the team extends across a mixture of professional backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. We think carefully about our environmental footprint and have a responsible consumption and production policy.


Our culture is built upon respect for others and a partnership ethos – based on the principles of autonomy, responsibility and accountability. We aim to attract and retain top talent – promoting excellence but also diversity, a meritocracy and respecting work life balance.


We believe our sustainability is further enhanced by our work and impact in the community. Asterion is proud to engage with a number of organisations supporting socio-educational and youth projects in its local communities.

Our values